Friday, September 25, 2009

Nu-Metal...What Went Wrong

This post was going to start off as something else end with a linked in video but grew into something else.

Nu-metal or rap-matel gets a bad rap, no pun intended. "Good" nu-metal honestly wasn't that bad. I'm talking Korn's first album, SOAD (I guess), early Mudvayne (not fan but respect it), Snot....well...there wasn't that much "good" nu-metal. Still, it had promise. That is, until something happened.

What was that something you ask? Or not b/c 99% of you have no interest in this subject. Well, I'll tell you anyway. That something was the song "I'm on the Outside" by Staind. Let me give you a little background on Staind. One day several years back, my buddy Greg Kendall called me and said "You gotta check out this song "Mudshovel" by this new band "Staind" and I did. And it rocked. Quite. Based on the strength of that song, I bought the album. Mistake, the rest of the album did not rock. It tried but failed. A year or so later, Mr Aaron Lewis from Staind did a live song called "I'm on the Outside" as a duet with a certain Mr. Fred Durst from Limp Bisquick. Slow, sensitve, catchy...everyone loved it, much like a Cyndi Lauper song except her songs were a bit faster paced. This song made Staind a lot of money and F#ck Durst even more money. All of a sudden, all these so called tortured, hard-core nu-metal bands saw where the money was at and went emo. Slipknot went on to release a whole album of "Wait and Bleed" clones (Iowa) that sucked and then the lead singer did a solo project (Stone Sour) that was just this side of maple syrup. Staind quickly pounced on the formula and added a studio version of their break through "I'm on the Outside" on their next album along with an equally accesible "It's Been Awhile". Mudvayne is still on the radio but there original sound is all but gone.

What brought this about you might ask if you're still reading. Good question. I was on my way home from a hockey game tonight and the Staind's Mudshovel song came on the radio. 10 or so years and that song still rocks. I will never not like that song and I couldn't help but still feel disappointed about what that all metamorphisized (yeah sp!) into.

This post brought to you by: HockeyMonkee -> DrunkeeMonkee -> MetalMonkee yeah, it's a progression.


  1. Heather wants you to wear a helmet when you play hockey.

  2. The reason songs like "I'm on the Outside" make bands a lot of money is because girls between the ages of 11 and 14 dictate the money making music industry. Their hormones are going crazy and they eat up the emo stuff. Trust me, I was one once.

    I used to sit by the radio every night and listen to the top forty waiting for Def Leopard's "Love Bites" and Poison's "Every Rose has it's Thorn" so that I could tape them on my pink cassette recorder.

    My advice... stop listening to the radio. Especially in Anchorage.

  3. I agree with Juie on the fact that almost all radio sucks. It's all corporate fed bullshit. It's been known for a long time that most corporate controlled stations (Clear Channel etc) have a list of 300 rotating songs and that's it nothing else.

    I can rember one day going down to Westchester Lagoon to skate and listening to the radio. After an hour of skating I come back to the truck and they are playing the same song again. Ridiculous.

    When we first moved to Greeley I found a great Indie stationed that played what was new and cool and not of any one genre. I kept telling Faye about this cool station she could listen to when she came for a visit. I was really disappointed when, and this is no bull, that on the day she shows up I thought I was tuning into the wrong station because it was just a couple guys ranting about something. Well guess what? When I looked into it further the station went to 24 hour talk radio. Man was I pissed. There is nothing more worthless on the airwaves than talk radio. Now I hardly ever listen to the radio.

  4. radio?? what's this you talk about??
    one band and one band only The Tragically Hip.

  5. I still like Def Leppard and Poison, what are you trying to say?

  6. In regards to the radio comments: I very rarely listen to the radio but got tired of the same CDs and switched over for a day or so. Aside from the car, I've found that all I need is, no more CDs. That site rocks and could very well warrant it's own blog post. Check it out if you haven't already.

  7. nothing wrong with Def Lep............Poison..... i'm not a fan, never was.
    Thanks for the grooveshark link man, cool, cool!!


  8. i patiently waited three weeks for this crap? :D

    i would be willing to bet that the main motivating factor behind the formation of nearly every band you mentioned was getting laid, not creating art. you give them too much credit.